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We are here not for income, but for outcome

AL ISLAH CENTER is one of the pioneer orphanage organizations in the district Mardan (KPK, Pakistan). We have more than 12 years of history by now, and is on its track for success. We started with a few number of children which has now reached a number of 150. Presently, we have a capacity of up to 300 children in the current building. We have plans to expand our building and other facilities in the near future. We call all national and international donors to support us in our noble cause to become a helping hand for the needy orphans.

Our History

Helping others is not a job, it is a calling

  • 2002

    The organization was founded and the inauguration ceremony was chaired by Senior Advocate and Deputy “Nazim” of the district Mr. Ataa ur Rahman. The organization had very low resources initially; it hired a building and started serving the first 5 children successfully with an aim to expand the facilities in order to serve more children in the coming years.

  • 2003

    • The organization was registered with the Social Welfare Department
    • Six months after the organization was founded, the number of children rose to 30 in early 2003.
    • Facilities were successfully provided to all the children and emphases have always been on education.
    • Increased number of children resulted in a second hired building.


  • 2004

    • The number of children under care rose to 60 in early 2004.
    • A meeting of the Executive Body agreed that the organization is in need of its own land and building to expand the facilities and make sure that every single child gets equal facility.
    • 2,024 square meter (4 Kanal) land was purchased on special concession form the local authorities i.e., MDA – Mardan Development Authority in March 2004 and the transaction was being facilitated by the local Chief “Nazim” Mr. Haji Raza Khan and District Controlling Officer, Mr. Saeed Khan Orakzai.
    • Local renowned individuals like Haji Mohammad Farooq Khan Toru, Nawabzada Mohammad Ali Khan, and Ms. Rizwana Shameem heavily supported the organization.
    • Construction was started on the land purchased in Oct., 2004 and the project estimate was set to 17.5m Rupees.
    • In the initial stages of construction local DCO – District Controlling Officer, Chairman Jamat e Islami Mr. Qazi Husein Ahmad and Chief Minister Mr. Mohammad Akram Khan Durrani visited the site and also supported the entire project.
  • 2005

    • Number of children kept increasing and the organization attracted national attention. Many well known and respected individuals and govt., personnel visited the organization and showed their interest and support in which Governor’s Advisor Dr. Rubina Gilani, MPA Ms. Naeema Kishwar, Ms. Rizwana Shameem and Chief “Nazim” Mr. Ibrahim Biland are on the top.
    • 1st Phase i.e., basement of the organizations’ building was completed with the help and support of locally renowned individuals and 2nd Phase was initiated which was the first floor of the building.


  • 2006

    • The reputation of the organization kept increasing and also the number of children under care increased during the year 2006.
    • 60% of the 2nd Phase construction was completed during this year with the help of local and national support.
    • Boys were shifted to the new building as the girl’s building had enough construction remaining and girls were being facilitated in the same hired building for the time.


  • 2007

    • On 27th April, 2007 Chief “Nazim” of the area inaugurated the kitchen and dining hall facilities in the new building and it was a big achievement of the time that an organization of its kind in the local area had its own building and all facilities for children were available under one roof.
    • Number of children kept increasing and in the late 2007, it rose to 95 boys and girls.
    • Special emphases have always been given to the education of the children and the organization has always made sure that the facilities provided shall be identical and consistent.
  • 2008

    • Golden years in the history of the organization as achievements were being made in the academics. Student Zahoor Ahmad won 1st Prize on district and provincial level in the “Best Quraanic Recitation” competition and 2nd Prize on national level in the same competition.
    • Girls were shifted to the new building but there was a need to complete the remaining construction of the 2nd Phase which mainly included Computer Lab, Library and conference hall.
    • There was a need to start the 3rd Phase of construction which was the 2nd Floor building allocated for boarding facilities.
    • All the children were now being under one roof and hired buildings were left, which was a huge achievement of the time.
  • 2009

    • A fully equipped Library was made ready as part of the remaining construction in the 2nd Phase, where the children were being facilitated with an initial collection of 500 books, daily newspapers and magazines with an aim to increase their reading skills.
    • A well organized guest room was also built to facilitate any incoming guests.
    • For the sake of children’s health and safety, a medically equipped Dispensary was also built.
    • A vocational training center was built for girls with an aim to give them sewing and embroidery training under the supervision of a qualified instructor.
    • Facilitation of ablution and bath rooms was completed.
    • As a matter of fact, due to all this expansion of facilities, the organization faced serious funding difficulties during this year but by the blessings of Allah, the mission continued.
  • 2010

    • Another most important year in the history of the organization, as our mission was heavily supported by the provincial government.
    • In the early 2010, executive body of the organization met the Chief Minister of KPK, Mr. Ameer Haider Khan Hoti in his chamber and informed him about the ongoing problems of the organization regarding construction and funding.
    • CM took the matter seriously and approved a fund of 10m Rupees in two steps for the construction of 2nd floor which was the 3rd Phase of the overall project.
    • The 2nd floor was mainly meant for boarding facilities and was built in such a way that 4 small apartments were built on each side of the building for boys and girls separately and each apartment was supervised by a nanny having specific number of children under supervision to make sure that the children get an environment identical to a home rather than a boarding house. These apartments were called AL ISLAH HOMES.
    • The construction of a conference hall was also completed and the inauguration ceremony of this conference hall and AL ISLAH HOMES was lead by the CM of KPK, Mr. Ameer Haider Khan Hoti on 12th Dec., 2010.
    • Apart from this achievement, the Chief Minister made sure that the organization get some land of its own for the organization’s own school so that the children instead of being educated in the local schools, gets the same or even better education under the organization’s own educational institute. For this reason a 1,518 square meter (3 Kanal) plot adjacent to the organization was purchased from the local authorities i.e., MDA – Mardan Development Authority on special concession basis and this concession was also an effort of the CM.
    • The executive body of the organization also met the Governor Mr. Awais Ahmad Ghani in the Governor’s House and informed him about the ongoing projects in the organization. He highly appreciated the project of AL ISLAH HOMES and also the overall projects of the organization and approved a grant of 2.5m Rupees on urgent basis which facilitated the running expenses and some construction programs of the 3rd Phase.
  • 2011

    • AL ISLAH HOMES were being supervised by qualified nannies and the number of children increased from 100 to 150.
    • Although the building was built to accommodate and facilitate more than 300 children, but further admissions were stopped due to the fact that the running expenses of the organization were only sufficient for the current children and no more and it has always been the standard of the organization to facilitate the children identically and consistently.
    • At this point of time the monthly expenses which include, education, accommodation and other social activities, were calculated to be 6000/- Rupees per head.
    • By the special blessings of Allah, the organization’s own building was completed in 3 Phases in almost 6 years, although some of the facilities like computer lab, expansion of the vocational training center and other different programs that will help educate and train the children to be successful members of the society that includes the building of organization’s own school, still remains untouched.
    • The number of children increased by almost 50% but resources remained the same.
  • 2012

    • Due to the fact that the organization focused on a major need which was the construction and expansion of boarding and other facilities, all the funds and donations were mainly utilized and running expenses were hardly met by the funds left with the organization and in the year 2012, the organization faced many difficulties. Even paying the monthly salaries of its staff were a big issue. At this point of time, the organization had a burden of 1.2m Rupees every month to payout monthly expenses.
    • The main reason of this situation was the overall inflation in the country, increased prices of utilities like electricity, gas and other services being taken from the government and local bodies caused this situation throughout the country, and keeping in mind that the organization being run by funds and donations, had no regular income of its own to payout its ongoing expenses. The organization needed regular donors to cope with this situation.
    • No matter, the organization faced serious problems regarding funds, but the quality and standard of education and other facilities for the children remained identical as previous years, the executive body of the organization still focused on their mission even with a fresh and stronger motivation and continued working on their fundraising activities on local, national and international level to fulfill the requirements of the organization and continue the future projects being planned by the body.
    • These problems were being carried forward to the next year as of then.
  • 2013

    Year 2013 faced the same challenges as of 2012 and the organization’s efforts to continue working for the upcoming projects and increase the number of children being facilitated by the organization. No matter, the task seems difficult and sometimes impossible, but by the blessings of Allah SWT, the organization has never seen a day that its mission had stopped or has faced serious hurdles to accomplish its mission. Scarcity of resources is an issue with every nonprofit organization, but there are people in shape of individuals and organizations being chosen from Allah SWT in every time that they make sure the smooth running of causes like ours’ and many other organizations like us.

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