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There are more than 4.6 million orphans in Pakistan.
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Sponsor an orphan

Endowment Campaign

Join us on the path to Jannah, the ultimate paradise, by becoming a beacon of hope for deserving orphans. AL ISLAH CENTER invites you to join this noble journey.
Since 2002, AL ISLAH CENTER has been a ray of hope for marginalized orphans, providing them with quality education and essential facilities to unlock their potential, just like children from affluent families. With branches in…

In simple terms, “Waqf” is like a special kind of charity in Islam. It’s when people voluntarily give some of their money or belongings to help with good projects that follow Islamic rules. This money or stuff is kept safe, and the profits it makes are used for good things, like helping people, without ever using up the original gift. Doing Waqf isn’t something you must do, but it’s really encouraged because…

Progress of the Sponsored Orphans

Orphans Sponsord so far 65%

Who we are?

AL ISLAH CENTER is a non-profit, non-political, and non-governmental organization since June 2002. We are a visionary organization working on orphan children to make a leader/ leadership of the nation in every field of life; therefore, we are working on the expansion of programs in a remarkable and sustainable shift across and within the country, where AIC work.

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