From Dream To Reality

With five little orphans, Al-Islah was founded in 2002 in a rented house in Sheikh Mattoon Town, Mardan. After a year the center was registered with the government Social Welfare Board. As the numbers of orphans were rapidly increasing, the executive body decided to build its own building. Towards the end of 2004, with the monetary help of social and political figures, the executive body succeeded in the acquisition of a half-acre plot in the Sector M of the town. In a little span of two years the primary structure of the building was constructed and was brought up to habitable level, while the children were shifted there as well.

Now in the new and vast building, the kids were happier, enthusiastic and started showing an increased interest in their studies and playing. By 2007, having well reared, educated and trained in the Centre, the orphans of Al-Islah started earning distinct positions in the education and sports fields on the district and provincial level.This was the first year at the beginning of our achievements. Now education and training institution is perfect without a rich library. To facilitate the orphan with intellectual wealth, in 2009 we furnished a library of 1000 books.

The same year we held various vocational training workshops as well as realizing the long-cherished dream of the completion of the building. In 2010 the Orphanage had fully sophisticated and well-furnished buildings with all the required furniture for 300 children and the number of orphans jumped from one hundred to one hundred and fifty. Many orphans have been brought up, educated and contributed to the society and the country. Thank God, this struggle is going. Despite strong odds, Al-Islah and its board of trustees are determined to continue to serve humanity with your help and cooperation.