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Humanitarian activities

AIC is also determine responding to natural disasters and calamities in Pakistan. After the South Asia earthquake 2005/ tsunami; AIC established an orphan care center and played important role in supporting those children who lost their Father/ mother or both and were in dire need of support. The AIC sponsored 60 children with the financial support of local donors for more than 5 years by providing them food, accommodation, education, uniform, books etc. facilities to these children.

AIC was also actively involved in the following activities:

Distribution of food and NFI: Distributed food and non-food items among 100 earthquake affected families in Manshera

Distribution of Cash Grant: Provided cash grants of PKR. 10,000/- per family to 300 families in Manshera

First Aid/ Medical Camps: AIC has been benefited more than 1000 beneficiaries through First Aid/ medical camps to help

Swat operation IDP’s response 2009: As a result of Military operation of 2009 in Malakand division 3.5 million people were displaced and settled in different parts of the country. Majority of those IDPs were settled in Mardan either in camps or residing with host communities. In response to that emergency AIC provided:

  • Accommodation and food to 100 families IDPs in the center(building) for three months
  • Health services to these 100 families for three months
  • Arranged 10 free medical camps for IDPs in different places
  • A cash grants of PKR. 27,500/- handed over to each family and thus a sum of PKR. 5.5 million Distributed among 200 families.