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Pakistan is now on the stage where the community are facing many issues like poverty, education health, orphanage care etc. The solutions for these problems is possible only when there is a strong commitment, dedication, unity and community support.

Currently Pakistan hosts over four million orphans. This vulnerable group is neglected. They are the children of disease, children of abuse and children of homelessness; that’s why AIC decided to focus and support these orphan children by providing them facilities free of cost. By this way AIC make their lives productive and be a peaceful member of the society.

To cater this issue AIC executive council decided in 2014; to rent a building for girl’s orphans in Islamabad. Currently this center has thirty (30) orphan girls. AIC is providing shelter, health services, education, food, clothes, exposure visits, recreation, transportation and safety& security to them. AIC in future planning to purchase a land and then construct a complex for 1000 students. This complex will contain school, boarding, mosque and playground.

AIC has a financial constraints and have limited fund availability to construct this building, but this could be possible with your generous support.

Your partnership through donations enable us to bring hope to the most vulnerable group in Pakistan

Allah says: “Be good to the orphans and needy, speak nicely to the people and help the poor.

Your donation will help hugely empowering and in turn you feel pleasure in Akhira.