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Orphanage is a cost effective method of supporting orphans. This could be only possible through generous donations giving by community individuals. In turn these donations allow them to thrive and provide education, health care, food, shelter and safety/ security and always ensure sustainable and comprehensive care.

Al-Islah center is running by donations; that’s why AIC has some donors from Karachi. Karachi is a premier industrial and financial center. Donors from Karachi has decided and requested AIC to form an orphanage house for the care of orphans. AIC officials appreciated and cherished this effort and counted a valuable step in future to support and help Karachi’s orphans at their door step.

For developing consensus AIC’s Chairman and Deputy Director has spent two months in Karachi. They conducted a series of meetings with donors. Furthermore, donors finally formed a committee. This committee is comprising on the following members:

Mr. Suliman Ahmar

CEO Time lender

Mr. Naveed Anwar

Trustee Indus Hospital

Mr. Sharukh Abid


Mr. Kamil Multani


Mr. Shahid Farman

Businessman/ Tooba Garments

Now a series of dialogue and meetings will be takes place to accomplish this generous task.