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Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

Volunteer to recognize and respect the needs of most vulnerable and socially challenged children of the society; those who lack the blessing of being in parental care, embed them with the fundamental and essential rights of life and eventually help make them constructive and successful members of the society.

Our Vision:

Be a model in the chosen cause that will inspire every responsible element of the society to clutch with and help the less firm elements in a way that determines a highly profound society.

Our Services

  • Education has always been the top most priority of our organization for the children.
  • Communication skills and manners.
  • Facilitate our children with the possible contemporary and standard accommodation & food.
  • Home Package: The organization has a facility that allows those orphan children who are not registered with the organization and their guardians want to keep them at home, the organization pays their guardians monthly to help educate and facilitate them in a better way.
  • Provide our children with vocational and technical training to build their career and eliminate any obstacles in their future success.
  • Educate our children with the knowledge of computer, which is need of the day.
  • Yearly and quarterly planned educational tours to different places in the country.
  • Preparation for inter – school competitions and challenges on national level.
  • Sports training and competition.
  • Physical fitness sessions and classes.
  • Facilitate our children from 5-14 years of age till they are a functional element of a society and have bright career.