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Assalam-o-Alaykom wa Rahmatullah-e wa Barakatuhu,

Thanks be to Almighty Allah that the little planted we had planted 17 years back in the shape of Al Islah Centre is a full grown tree today. Hundreds of children have been brought up, reared and educated here who sustain their own helpless families today, while Al Islah Center Mardan and Islamabad have taken more children under its wings.

On this occasion I am grateful to all our friends who contributed to the success of this organization by giving their precious time, monetary help and valuable advice as well as moral support. No less thanks to my staff members who played the key role of parents to these children. In the beginning of the year 2019 we had planned exhaustively for the ideal training and education of these children and we achieved satisfactory results.To polish the creative qualities of these children various workshops, trainings and Co-curricular activities were arranged along with outdoor events.

These children achieved prominent name in all of them. In Ramadan they had regular Iftar parties, on Eid days they were given new clothes, gifts and eidi. As per our traditions, on Eid ul Azha Al Islah Center has special qurbani for them and sent meat packages to their miserable families. Their health, food, education (modern and as well as religious) and accommodation all were well cared for. However our responsibilities do not end here. Across Pakistan there are hundreds of thousands such children who access to the facilities mentioned are just a dream. They are yet to be own and taken under a roof. Looking around in the world, and in history we see that mostly orphans have achieved good name in the research and creative fields. In the world of morality and religions rearing an orphan is the highest form of worship. So, to bring about positive changes in society we must undertake the responsibility of caring these orphans. Al Islah Center is such a platform. Let us join hands to own these children.

Let support Al Islah for the sake of suffering humanity and helpless children. Al Islah is determined to continue this august work and to enlarge its circle. But this continuity and enlargement is not the obligation of an individual. Rather every individual, every member of society has to come forward and contribute his utmost.

The time is not far when there would not remain a single child deserving to called an orphan.

Inayat ur Rehman


Al Islah Center Mardan