The principal of National Education System (NES) and the Chairman of AL ISLAH CENTER (AIC) and Board of Trustees (BOTs) jointly try it level best to educate orphan boys and girls to give them an inclusive feeling of being part of the community and teach them to be a good Muslim citizen of the society. To this end, AL ISLAH CENTER has set up an institution called National Education System (NES) promoting, not only the academic excellence, but also to teach social, Islamic, and moral values to the children. AL ISLAH CENTER is supporting by providing free education to poor and disadvantaged groups on low or subside rates for community children. Special trainings are provided to the teachers so that they can delivers as demanded by the curriculum. The NES is well equipped with modern facilities i.e., library, computer laboratory, science laboratory, playground, and indoor games facilities. With the special blessing of Allah Almighty, this school has been working on providing permanent etiquette and quality education since 2009. National Education System also established pre-school project with the close collaboration of PARWAAN. The AIC follows the National standards of care in orphanages and focuses from major to minor needs of children. For the upbringing of Children’s spiritual and formal education is the top priority of AL ISLAH CENTER for the success in the world and hereinafter. AIC Headquarter is always to make linkages with different institutions and as always enrolled students for quality education in a medium school like Dare Arqam; where qualified and competent teachers are available, while in the hostel Wardens help these children in tuition and homework too.

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