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Due to the repeated natural disasters, calamities and armed conflict in Pakistan, emergency relief has become an increasingly important component of AIC’s work in the region.
When disaster strikes, AIC ‘s team rapidly evaluate the needs of affected population in the community especially orphans; because they are the most deserving and vulnerable individuals in the community. This kind of rapid, effective and lifesaving evaluation will help us understanding what kind of assistance/ interventions needed for these children to create positive and sustainable change and save lives.
After the South Asia earthquake (2005), AIC has established an orphan care center in District Manshera to give relief assistance and supporting those children; who lost their Father/ mother or both and were in dire need of support.
The AIC sponsored 60 children with the financial assistance/ support of local donor’s for more than five (5) years by providing them food, accommodation, education, uniform, books etc. Now the Manshera center is shifted to District Abbottabad.

Pakistan is now on the stage where the community are facing many issues like poverty, education health, orphanage care etc. The solutions for these problems is possible only when there is a strong commitment, dedication, unity and community support.
Currently Pakistan hosts over four million orphans. This vulnerable group is neglected. They are the children of disease, children of abuse and children of homelessness; that’s why AIC decided to focus and support these orphan children by providing them facilities free of cost. By this way AIC make their lives productive and be a peaceful member of the society.
To cater this issue AIC executive council decided in 2014; to rent a building for girl’s orphans in Islamabad. Currently this center has thirty (30) orphan girls. AIC is providing shelter, health services, education, food, clothes, exposure visits, recreation, transportation and safety& security to them. AIC in future planning to purchase a land and then construct a complex for 1000 students. This complex will contain school, boarding, mosque and playground.
AIC has a financial constraint and have limited fund availability to construct this building, but this could be possible with your generous support. Your partnership through donations enable us to bring hope to the most vulnerable group in Pakistan
Allah says: “Be good to the orphans and needy, speak nicely to the people and help the poor.
Your donation will help hugely empowering and in turn you feel pleasure in Akhira.

Orphanage is a cost-effective method of supporting orphans. This could be only possible through generous donations giving by community individuals. In turn these donations allow them to thrive and provide education, health care, food, shelter and safety/ security and always ensure sustainable and comprehensive care.
AL ISLAH CENTER is running by donations; that’s why AIC has a lot of donors, mainly from Karachi. Karachi is a premier industrial and financial center. Donors from Karachi has decided and requested AIC to form an orphanage house for the care of orphans. AIC officials appreciated and cherished this effort and counted a valuable step in future to support and help Karachi’s orphans at their door step.
For developing consensus AIC’s Chairman and Deputy Director has spent two months in Karachi. They conducted a series of meetings with donors. Furthermore, donors finally formed a committee. This committee is comprising on the following members:

Mr. Suliman Ahmar          CEO Time lender

Mr. Naveed Anwar            Co-founder Indus Hospital

Mr. Shariq Abid                             

Mr. Kamil Multani              Chairman Green International

Mr. Shahid Farman            Businessman/ Tooba Garments

Now a series of dialogue and meetings will be takes place to accomplish this generous task.

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