Often orphans feel like a statistic in the system, just a number that the state needs to support. Our hope is to help every child realize that his life matters. You can support us in our hope by sponsoring one child so that he/she gets a chance of normal living conditions, happiness, love and care that…

Be in the Jannah by sponsoring a deserving orphan
We are praying for your prosperity and wellbeing.

For nearly two decades, AL ISLAH CENTER is allowing marginalized orphans (boys | girls) to access quality education…

Who We Are?

AL ISLAH CENTER has been supporting orphans for the last 19 years. Some of the facilities includes education and training for these children, technical education, medical treatment, excellent accommodation, food according to the menu, extensive sports opportunities and annual leisure tours. At present there are 160 boys and girls living in three branches of the organization in Mardan, Islamabad and Abbottabad. In addition, the organization is supporting 50 girls from time to time at their doorsteps. The Board of Trustees has also formulated Vision 2045 to build on and accelerate the pace of development, according to which the institution will have a prominent position at the national level in the coming years.


Orphans Care Program

AIC is playing important role by giving safe environment, standards of shelter in which they grow, quality of food and schooling, maintain health needs/ standards, protection of children from Child…

Widow Support Program

AIC has a special program for Widows and poor. On special occasion; in the month of Ramadan and Eid AIC is supporting widows & poor through distribution of cash, food and non-food items…

Humanitarian Activities

AIC is also determine responding to natural disasters and calamities in Pakistan. After the South Asia earthquake 2005/ tsunami; AIC established an orphan care center and played important role in supporting…


Volunteer to recognize and respect the needs of most vulnerable and socially challenged children of the society; those who lack the blessing of being in parental care, embed them with the fundamental and essential rights of life and eventually help make them constructive and successful members of the society.


Be a model in the chosen cause that will inspire every responsible element of the society to clutch with and help the less firm elements in a way that determines a highly profound society.
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