Sponsor an orphan

Be in the Jannah by sponsoring a deserving orphan. We are praying for your prosperity and wellbeing.

For nearly two decades, AL ISLAH CENTER is allowing marginalized orphans (boys | girls) to access quality education and other….

Endowment Campaign

In Islamic terms Waqf refers to a religious endowment. that is, a voluntary dedication of one ‘s wealth or a portion of it either in cash or and its spending for Shariah complaint projects. The word Waqf is used in the Islamic law in the meaning of holding a property and preserving it so that its fruits, revenues of usufruct is used exclusively for the benefit….

Progress of the Sponsored Orphans
Orphans sponsored so far 65%

WHO we are

AL ISLAH CENTER is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious, and non-governmental organization since June 2002. We are a visionary organization working on orphan children to make a leader/ leadership of the nation in every field of life; therefore, we are working on the expansion of programs in a remarkable and sustainable shift across and within the country, where AIC work.


Orphans care program

AIC is playing important role by giving safe environment, standards of shelter in which they grow, quality of food and schooling, maintain health needs/ standards, protection of...

Widow Support Program

AIC has a special program for Widows and poor. On special occasion, in the month of Ramadan and Eid AIC is supporting widows & poor through distribution of cash, food and non-food items...

Humintarian Activities

AIC is also determine responding to natural disasters and calamities in Pakistan. After the South Asia earthquake 2005, tsunami, AIC established....


AL ISLAH CENTER is recognized by Pakistan Center For Philanthropy.

Our Vision

"“Preparing individuals who can play their role in creating a modern Muslim society based on the Islamic way of life, with their exalted character and refined skills.”"


Volunteer to recognize and respect the needs of most vulnerable and socially challenged children of the society; those who lack the blessing of being in parental care, embed them with the fundamental and essential rights of life and eventually help make them constructive and successful members of the society.
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