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We are al islah center

  • We are a non-profit, non-political, non-religious, and non-governmental organization since June 2002
  • We are a visionary organization working on orphan children to make a leader/ leadership of the nation in every field of life; therefore, we are working on the expansion of programs in a remarkable and sustainable shift across and within the country, where AIC work.
  • We are a group of ordinary generous people responding to extraordinary challenges in life
  • We started operation in 2003 in a rental house by establishing an orphanage house in Sheikh Maltoon Town Mardan and in 07 years we had established a National Education School System
  • We are allowed to work permit from the Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (Registration and Control) Ordinance, 1961, For lifetime.
  • We are supported mainly by the Pakistani donors, zakat, Sadqaat from the generous community and some international donors, government grants to support or sponsor orphan children education, shelter, food, clothes, and safety
  • We have an area of specialization: Orphan Care, Education, Technical Education, Child Protection, Health Care, Emergency Response and Disaster Management
  • We are not only actively involved in orphanage care but provide quality education to these children up to 10th class; we ensure social mobilization and sensitization in the community to highlight their values in the light of Islam and hades Nabawi (SAWW)
  • We have the hope for a better tomorrow, where the orphan child will live with peace, respect, dignity and free of exploitation and harassment, where one can dream 
  • We make every effort to save many orphans lives through education and character building under Islamic values not to become the victims of the community suffers 
  • We have registered more than 450 orphans, and some resumed their normal life in different government and private departments
  • We have provided medical emergency victims of the earthquake in Manshera 
  • We are sponsoring orphan children in higher education/ technical and medical faculty
  • We distributed food and NFI, cash grants to earthquake victims in Manshera
  •  We responded to Swat IDPs in the Malakand division in 2009
  • We have been established a vocational/training Center with the closed collaboration of Technology up-gradation and Skill Development Company (TUSDEC) for the orphan children
  • We have a special program for the poor, widows, and disabled persons. On special occasions (Ramadan and Eid), we are supporting the poor, widows, and disables through the distribution of cash, food, and non-food items
  • We are struggling from the first day with limited funds/ sponsor availability to support these orphan girls’ unpaid help or even want to make financial support, who adopt simplicity in doing their marriages of Orphan Children.
  • We arrange the simple marriages programs in AIC centers and bears the whole expenses of such functions
  • We believe in the Messenger of Allah: who says “The reward of deeds depends upon the intentions, and every person will get the reward according to what he has intended. The intentions of AIC are clear and took part actively in organizing collective “Qurbani” for those orphans/ or their mothers who cannot afford it
  • We need strong international and local donors, generous community funding to reach the vision by caring for the most deprived and marginalized children
  • We always put orphan children right on the center to support the cause and provide 100% free of cost services in the orphanage center
  • We make linkages of donors with those orphan children living in the community after complete assessment and verification
  • We in addition to cash donations, also welcome donations-in-kind to fulfill the basic needs of our service recipients, particularly orphan children.
  • We have a comprehensive long terms plan (20-20-2045); which provides the focused growth area of AIC, which are following:
    • AIC will develop 35 centers in Pakistan
    • 5 (five) Billion rupees as an endowment fund
    • 0.5 million pass-outs (Civil Services, Military, Academia, Sharia, etc.)
    • Ten (10) overseas centers
      are AL ISLAH CENTER:
      Committed to caring orphans, quality health & education, shelter, food, clothes, recreation, exposure visit, transportation, safety & security

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