Orphan Care Program

Within our sprawling 11 Kanal facility in Mardan, Al Islah Center provides a nurturing home for 150 orphaned children, with the capacity to support over 300 orphaned children. It’s not just about infrastructure; it’s about ensuring that these children enjoy the privileges of a secure and loving environment.

Our comprehensive support encompasses:

Shelter: Providing free accommodation.
Education: Delivering free, high-quality education from nursery to secondary school.
Nutrition: Serving daily meals and snacks.
Clothing: Supplying school uniforms and essential attire.
Recreation: Offering indoor and outdoor recreational facilities.
Transportation: Ensuring safe transportation.
Health Services: Maintaining an on-site dispensary and regular medical check-ups.
Exposure: Organizing educational visits, shopping trips, study tours, and picnics.
Mentorship: Offering continuous guidance and care from dedicated mentors
Education Program

In addition to our Orphan Care Program, AIC extends a helping hand to more than 150 underprivileged children. Our school, equipped with modern amenities including a library, computer and science labs, and a playground, offers:

Free Education: Enabling 150 orphaned children (both boys and girls) to access quality learning.
Subsidized Education: Providing education at reduced rates for 50 children.
Local Employment: Employing 25 teachers from the community.
Islamic Education: Establishing a Masjid and Madrassah for spiritual mentorship, offering courses such as Qaida, Tajweed, Nazra, Hifzul Quran, Darse Nizami, and supplication.

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