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AL ISLAH CENTER (AIC) provides all the facilities that a child needs in his home with his parents and the administration strives hard for its ever-faster movement and improvement. The services of wardens, cooks, and security guards are permanently available to the students 24/7. A busy and scientific schedule has been made for them covering their physical, moral, and educational activities. Under his tutelage, the little orphans are well dressed, provides nutritional food to them, and when needed treated them by qualified doctors and physicians. It will not be useless to keep a bird’s eye view of our facilities here.

AIC provides the following facilities:

  • Quality Education (Play Group to Master)
  • Provide Nutritious Food
  • Supply of clothes and School Uniforms
  • Conduct Health Checkups and Provide Medical Facilities (Admissions, referrals)
  • Admit to HSSC (free of cost/ subside fee) in nearby Colleges after coordination and communication with Colleges’ authorities.
  • Facilitate Vocational Education, Higher education & Employment opportunities when they reach the appropriate age.

AL ISLAH CENTER is an attractive three (3) story building with 20 open and large rooms. Each block has its warden, while the main entrance is guarded. The building has a powerful electric generator to generate electricity and supply power cuts. In cold weather, hot water is provided to all students.

Open, spacious, well-furnished, and ventilated rooms are used for boarding purposes. Every child is provided with a bed, mate, bedsheets, cupboard, and all other items necessary according to weather. Similarly, two suits of uniform, one-track suit for games, a few suits for common use, two towels, brush teeth), polish, soap, and other necessary items of daily use are provided to every individual. Pocket money is also given to all the children daily.

AL ISLAH CENTER and Education:
The principal of The Arqam Schools and AIC Chairman and Board of Trustees (BOTs) jointly try their level best to educate orphan boys and girls to give them an inclusive feeling of being part of the community and teach them to be good Muslim citizens of the society. To this end, AL ISLAH CENTER has set up an institution called National Education System (NES) promoting, not only academic excellence, but also teaching social, Islamic, and moral values to the children. AL ISLAH CENTER is supporting by providing free education to poor and disadvantaged groups on low or subside rates for community children. Special training is provided to the teachers so that they can deliver as demanded by the curriculum. The NES is well equipped with modern facilities i.e., a library, computer laboratory, science laboratory, playground, and indoor games facilities. With the special blessing of Allah Almighty, this school has been working on providing permanent etiquette and quality education since 2009. National Education System also established a preschool project with the close collaboration of PARWAAN. The AIC follows the National standards of care in orphanages and focuses on the major to minor needs of children. The upbringing of Children’s spiritual and formal education is the top priority of AL ISLAH CENTER for success in the world and hereinafter. AIC Headquarters is always to make linkages with different institutions and as always enrolled students for quality education in a medium school like Dare Arqam; where qualified and competent teachers are available, while in the hostel Wardens can help these children with tuition and homework too.

Spiritual mentoring.
To enrich the children in the religious field, the graduate religious scholar and teachers stay with them for their religious and spiritual training. An everyday routine mainly focused on praying, blessed hadiths, Qaida, Naazira, memorization, and Quran translation.

Technical Education:  
To fulfill their dream of a successful future, special attention is given to technical education along with curriculum education. Work is being done in the field of plumbing, electrician, office affairs, and administration, which is showing incredible results. AL ISLAH CENTER Plans are afoot to hold similar workshops in the future to nurture leadership and skills. Where they can become the basis of their family’s sustenance by getting training and brightening their future.

Health and Hygiene:
To ensure the dignity, well-being, and health of school students, all children and adolescents should have access to items and opportunities to maintain personal hygiene in school settings the provision of school hygiene and sanitation ensures the rights of students to acceptable hygiene practices, safe water supply, latrines, and a healthy school environment in general. The impact could have further beneficial effects, for example, Healthy environments facilitate more effective learning and grow physically, mentally, and socially. AL ISLAH CENTER has a zero-tolerance policy and no compromise on health and hygiene practices. Practices that are generally considered proper hygiene include showering or bathing regularly, washing hands regularly and especially before handling food, washing scalp hair, keeping hair short or removing hair, wearing clean clothing, brushing teeth, and cutting fingernails, among other practices.

The first aid dispensary is available in the building premises to cater to simple emergencies. Schoolchildren spend most of their time in schools and are vulnerable to injuries and mild ailments, hence requiring first-aid care. A doctor at AIC Center or a School teacher can provide immediate first-aid care in the absence of any health professional. Simple accidents, such as slips or trips, might seem a trivial part of the day-to-day hustle and bustle of school life, but they can cause serious injuries and worse. The staff prepares the health profile of every child at the time of admission and then annually. All students are checked thoroughly every quarter by qualified doctors/ physicians. In case of any severe problems/ emergency students are transported through AIC vehicle to the nearby health facility for further proper management.

Sports develop physical as well as mental strength in students. Daily physical exercise is essential for students because exercise not only helps students to stay healthy but also helps to improve their emotional fitness. Someone wisely said that “A healthy body has a healthy brain”.

AL ISLAH CENTER provides its wards with full facilities for drills, morning walks, and afternoon plays for children at the AIC playground. Children who excel in any sport are admitted to national-level tournaments and sports Galaas where they can learn the spirit of tolerance, teamwork, patience, and competition. Children involved in playing cricket, football, volleyball, table tennis, etc.

Each year to add a bit more excitement, when AIC plans out a massive array of games, challenges, activities, picnics, parties, and more; we call this event the summer camp.

Summer Camp
AIC Orphanage children compete between entire teams. It is truly the most anticipated event of the year here at our AL ISLAH CENTER.

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