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Sustaining Orphan – Is a true worship

Keeping in view the lack of leadership in the country and to contribute to the development and progress of the country, AL ISLAH CENTER has chosen the abandoned and vulnerable bed of the society and those who do not have the shadow of their parents on their heads and in the society, people do not give such importance, which would have been contained by a self-sufficient child.

The name AL ISLAH was kept in this spirit; this is how the orphans of helpless families are cared for in this way by getting development in the best environment and thus an individual will be able to imitate and reform and improve in the future for himself and his beloved country. After being registered with the government of Pakistan, the organization has obtained rapid progress and milestones since its inception.

Buying a 4 Kanals Plot in Sheikh Maltoon Town in 2004 and then in a short span of 6 or 7 years, constructing an attractive building was nothing but was dream come true. By the grace of almighty Allah SWT, indefatigable night and day struggles of the executive body members, and the financial compensation of the benefactors of men and women of the society helped in dream come true. In a short period, food, clothing, treatment, and medicine have been provided in the children’s new building, and depending on the weather, every facility is being provided. To get rich with the jewel of education, the orphan children have been admitted to Standard English Medium School called “The Arqam Schools – TAS”. In 2009 AIC inaugurated a dispensary and guest house and well-decorated library containing one thousand books for children’s nurturing mental coins and health. Along with this, workshops were organized to impart vocational training to the children. The year 2012 is considered forever the golden year of the history of the institution. This huge and ambitious building of AL ISLAH CENTER was completed in 2012; and thus, the buildings can accommodate more than 300 children. As soon as the rehabilitation work was completed in the organization, the number of needy and helpless orphans increased, and this number went up to one hundred (100). Not only that but in 2014 AIC established a branch in Islamabad based on 15 –Khayaban-e- Kashmir, and After the earthquake, a branch was also set up in Abbottabad for the children of the earthquake victims. By the grace of Allah almighty, more than 30 boys and girls are sponsored in Islamabad and Abbottabad orphanage centers and they are being taught in the top Standard English medium schools. More children’s admissions are hampered by the organization due to a lack of financial resources; and by the grace of Allah willing, that day is not far away; when AL ISLAH CENTER will continue to sponsor hundreds and even thousands of children with the support of donors, generous community, friends, and colleagues. We should try our best to increase the number of donors of the organization to overcome this troublesome situation and one should contact donors, friends, and close relatives and by this way, they encourage more friends and acquaintances to do the same as a chain and so that the end could be fixed with this world.

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