Humanitarian Assistance Program

Bridging Hope in Times of Crisis

At Al Islah Center (AIC), our commitment extends beyond the boundaries of our facility. We are steadfast in our determination to respond to natural disasters and crises, providing crucial support to those in dire need. Here is a glimpse of our humanitarian efforts:

Response to South Asia Earthquake 2005 In the aftermath of the devastating South Asia earthquake in 2005, AIC sprang into action. We established an orphan care center in Manshera district, offering a lifeline to children who had lost either parent in the earthquake. For over five years, we supported 60 such children, providing them with essentials such as food, accommodation, education, uniforms, and books. But our commitment didn’t stop there. We reached out to the broader affected community:

  • Food and Non-Food Distribution: AIC distributed vital food and non-food items to 100 earthquake-affected families.
    • Cash Grants: Recognizing the need for financial stability, we provided cash grants of PKR. 10,000/- per family to 300 families.
    • Healthcare Services: AIC extended medical care to over 1,000 people in their time of need.
    • Expanded Reach: Our network expanded to Islamabad and Mansehra district, ensuring that our services reached and sustained the local communities.

    Response to IDPs of Swat Operation 2009 In the wake of the Military operation of 2009 in the Malakand division, approximately 3.5 million people were displaced, many of whom sought refuge in Mardan. AIC was quick to respond to this emergency:

    • Accommodation and Food: We provided shelter and nourishment to 100 displaced families in our center/building for three months.
    • Health Services: Ensuring the well-being of the displaced, we offered health services to these 100 families for three months.
    • Medical Camps: AIC organized 10 free medical camps in various locations for the IDPs, addressing their healthcare needs.
    • Financial Support: Recognizing the financial strains they faced, we distributed cash grants of PKR. 27,500/- per family, totaling PKR. 5.5 million, benefiting 200 families.

    Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic The COVID-19 pandemic presented unprecedented challenges. AIC responded by distributing essential food items to 45 affected families, extending our hand of support during these trying times.

    At Al Islah Center, our commitment to humanitarian support knows no bounds. We are dedicated to extending a helping hand and a ray of hope to those facing the darkest of hours. Together, we rise above adversity and rebuild lives.


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