Join us on the path to Jannah, the ultimate paradise, by becoming a beacon of hope for deserving orphans. AL ISLAH CENTER invites you to join this noble journey.
Since 2002, AL ISLAH CENTER has been a ray of hope for marginalized orphans, providing them with quality education and essential facilities to unlock their potential, just like children from affluent families. With branches in Mardan, Islamabad, and Abbottabad, we currently support 160 orphans, offering free education, meals, healthcare, accommodation, and recreation. We’ve adopted “Vision 2045” to elevate AL ISLAH CENTER as a leading orphan care institution in Pakistan.

Dear Brother,
We invite you to partake in a mission cherished by Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), who said, “I and the person who looks after an orphan will be in Paradise.” This is an ideal opportunity, Insha’Allah.

This year, until Ramadhan’s end, we aim to connect generous donors like you with orphaned students. You’ll receive progress reports on your sponsored orphan. Please support this noble cause and inspire your colleagues to join us. The annual cost to sponsor an orphan is PKRs. 220,728, payable quarterly.

May Allah bless you and your family. Ameen. Together, let’s make a lasting difference.

Monthly Expenses Per Child Monthly : Description Amount
1 Food (24 hrs routine meals) 5766 PKR
2 Education 5473 PKR
3 Traveling 484 PKR
4 Medical Treatment 179 PKR
5 Uniform and Clothing 1058 PKR
6 Sports 89 PKR
7 Housekeeping 968 PKR
8 Entertainment 502 PKR
9 Utilities and Administrative Cost 2840 PKR
10 Advertising and Promotional 204 PKR
11 Others 931 PKR
Total PKR 18394 PKR ($81.39/m)


In simple terms, “Waqf” is like a special kind of charity in Islam. It’s when people voluntarily give some of their money or belongings to help with good projects that follow Islamic rules. This money or stuff is kept safe, and the profits it makes are used for good things, like helping people, without ever using up the original gift.

Doing Waqf isn’t something you must do, but it’s really encouraged because it’s a way to get closer to Allah and receive blessings by using your wealth in a good way. It’s a way to give back to the community by supporting important things like education, healthcare, social help, and building mosques.

At AL ISLAH CENTER, we’re inviting you to be part of our special fund for these good projects. We aim to collect PKRs. 1 billion for the Al Islah Center for Sustainability. When you contribute to this fund, it’s not just a one-time gift; it’s a gift that keeps on giving (Sadqa e Jaria) because it will be used for projects that benefit people over a long time.

By joining us in this effort, you’re not only doing a good deed, but you’re also creating a lasting impact. Your support will help us make the world a better place and, at the same time, bring you closer to Allah.

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