Be in the Jannah by sponsoring a deserving orphan. We are praying for your prosperity and well-being.

For nearly two decades, AL ISLAH CENTER is allowing marginalized orphans (boys and girls) to access quality education and other facilities for unlocking their full potential as other children from affluent families.

With three branches operational in Mardan, Islamabad, and Abbottabad, 160 orphans are currently enrolled who are accessing free-of-cost but quality education, food, improved healthcare services, standardized accommodation, and other recreational services.

To streamline the provision of services and speed up the delivery of assistance to more deserving orphans, vision 2045 has been adopted by the Board of Trustees for the inclusion of AL ISLAH CENTER among the top-ranked institutes for orphans in Pakistan.

Our Respected Brother
Through this message, we are inviting you to be part of the sacred mission of Muhammad (S.A.W) described as:

“I and the person who looks after an orphan and provides for him will be in Paradise like this,” (putting his index and middle fingers together)

As Muslims, we want to be in the Jannah with our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and you will not miss this ideal opportunity, Insha’Allah.

This year, up to the end of Ramadhan, AL ISLAH CENTER aims to allocate the orphan students to the donors, where each donor will receive a separate report of the sponsored orphan.

We are hopeful that you will support us in this noble cause and will induce your colleague as well.

Total expenses for a single orphan at AL ISLAH CENTER are PKRs. 220,728/year where you can pay your donation quarterly as well.

May Allah (S.W.T) protect you and your family. Ameen


In Islamic terms, Waqf refers to a religious endowment. that is a voluntary dedication of one‘s wealth or a portion of it either in cash or its spending for Shariah-compliant projects. The word Waqf is used in Islamic law meaning holding property and preserving it so that its fruits, and revenues of usufruct are used exclusively for the benefit of an objective of righteousness while prohibiting any use or disposition of it outside its specific objective.

Waqf is also the transfer of wealth from private ownership to beneficial social collective ownership. This definition accords continuity or perpetuity to waqf, I.e., it applies to non-perishable properties whose benefit and usufruct can be extracted without consuming the property itself.

Waqf is not obligatory. Instead, it is a recommended action because the main purpose of waqf is to get closer to ALLAH and received His blessing by spending wealth in the way of ALLAH. It encourages voluntary and important social and economic functions such as education, health, social security, and the construction of mosques.

The four eminent Islamic scholars have given different meanings of waqf or endowment as well.

AL ISLAH CENTER is allowing you to participate in our endowment campaign. The campaign intends to raise funds for PKRs. 1 billion.

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